Blockchain and ICO

Joint Program Starta Accelerator + Waves Platform + Cross Coin

Scale your business through implementing Blockchain Technology

Ongoing Program


Blockchain is the new Internet.​​​​​​​

The transformational power of this technology and amount of new business opportunities to emerge is comparable to the rise of internet in late 1990s - early 2000s.

We are excited about blockchain potential and we want to be a part of it. That’s why we are launching Token Accelerator to help startups and traditional businesses scale through implementing blockchain technologies in their business model.

​ Token crowdsale (sometimes referred to as an "ICO") is a natural resource and opportunity for blockchain technology development, not just a fundraising tool.​

Of course, if you have real blockchain in your decentralized business solution ;)

DecentWorld combines blockchain technology, aspects of the long held traditions of financial asset management, and the newest trends in gamification, topping it all off with a stylish appearance and luxurious feel.

Plus marketing, PR & legal support by various experienced teams

Crypto assets investment expertise

  • Token Sale Expertise
  • Starta ICO for $5M raised in July 2017

Led by


Email Marketing partner

UX Expertise

Led by Danny Setiawan

Legal Expertise

Led by Jullian Zegelman


Pre-ICO underwriters

Led by Vladimir Smerkis

Blockchain cybersecurity expertise

Led by Alexey Arkhipov


World's first decentralized lead generation service



Recommendation from professional investor (Venture Fund, professional Angel investor, etc)

Operating business with N+ decentralized users

Business ready for scaling on blockchain

NO INVESTMENT OR DEBT TOKENS Business should contain the economy of user tokens: it is possible to tokenize relations between the subjects of the system

We are looking for companies whose goal is to scale their business through implementing blockchain technology. ICO is considered as a derivative of the business transition to the blockchain.

During the ICO, User Tokens (not Tokens of Capital and not Debt Tokens) are issued as a form of currency required by users to obtain services provided by a decentralized network.

Fundraising within the framework of the ICO is carried out with the aim of implementing the project of creating a decentralized system on blockchain


Project for decentralized application (Dapp) development

Token Offering (ICO) campaign as a final point of the program

Risk assessment and consideration:

  • technology
  • business
  • legal
  • reputational

Block I: Business model tokenization

Investors relations

Modeling the transition of existing business processes to a blockchain

Designing a token, parsing its properties for the system

Project roadmap for 18-24 months


Development of an individual marketing plan for the project

Marketing strategy in crypto communities

Block II: ICO preparation and campaign

Formation of the main characteristics of the ICO

White Paper

Forming the reputation of the project

Practical analysis of successful/unseccessful ICOs

Program Start : ongoing

Program Length : 2.5 months

Cost of Program :

  • $10К upfront
  • + up to 5% of equity and/or assets raised through ICO

Additional cost of conducting ICO

  • Be ready to spend up to 4% of assets raised to cover marketing & technical expenses
  • + up to $70K average budget on PR, Legal & Advertising (depends on tokenization model and partners selected)

ICO General

Marketing & PR


Legal scheme

Raised assets withdrawal after ICO

Development of Post ICO plan, investor relations



ICO technical support

Cybersecurity Review

Smart Contract cybersecurity audit


Starta Token Accelerator provides general management consulting services focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Starta Token Accelerator is not an investment adviser, and is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA, or any US or foreign regulator. Starta Token Accelerator does not endorse, facilitate, or recommend the purchase or sale of any securities.

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